Registration for each week of Ozark Family Camp is completed on a first-come, first-served basis. A family or individual can register by filling out and submitting the online application form (preferred), or by mailing a printed copy of the application form.

Registration opens on the first Thursday in March each year. This year, registration will open 7 March 2019. Check back here at that time in order to complete your application online, or to download and print an application form. If you would like to receive an email notification when registration opens, or an application form in the mail, please contact the secretary (see Contact page).

Contact Information

For registration questions, or for more information about Ozark Family Camp, please contact one of the directors below:

Ozark Family Camp Director, Week 1

Dave Dillon
4103 Orchard Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32940
darthdillon1 (@ symbol)

Ozark Family Camp Director, Week 2

Brian Glaeser
5025 70th St.
Kenosha, WI 53142
b.n.glaeser (@ symbol)

Ozark Family Camp Director, Week 3

Eric Barker
711 Bridge St
Redfield, IA 50233
goodnewsandcanoes (@ symbol)


Since its inception in 1965, Ozark Family Camp has operated on the principle of looking to the Lord for guidance and provision rather than men. Because of this, we have never charged or set a suggested offering for the camp. The primary costs that the board must deal with include food, camp rental, and financial fellowship with the speakers.

From the outset, it was realized that some young families, missionaries, and others would not be able to meet the expenses of such a camp, but that the Lord would move in the hearts of others to give above the cost of their coming in order to supply the needs of others.

This whole ministry requires faith and exercise of heart for all involved - for the board in planning and keeping the expenses at a minimum, and for the campers to pray, work, and be sensitive to the Lord's leading concerning the needs of the camp. With this in mind, we would ask campers to please be responsible in both the helping and giving as the Lord enables.